external Logistic Support and Project Managment

Advanced Procurement


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Procurement is an often overlooked link with many interfaces along the entire vlaue chain. A paradigm shift has taken place in this area - purchasing will not only ensure the operational performance and reduce costs, but also create value and take care of strategic topics.

LOG-PMO offers

  • Expressive Bidding
    is an approach that uses enable-if conditions during tenders (a supplier is awarded part A and part B, therefore part a is reduced by 10%).
  • Combined Optimization and Modelling
    besides existing structures the supplier can offer alternative solutions (e.g. warehouse locations) so that different models can be simulated with market prices.
  • Supplier Development

Our Approach

Combined optimisation and modelling puts companies in a position to make use of the suppliers know-how and solution proposals during a tender process. Different scenarios can be simulated with market data.

Opreative Supply Chain

Elaborate basics
- quantity structure
- costs
- requirements
- time line
  Get quotations
- system
- request for information
- non-disclosure
- request for quotation
  Anlayse scenarios
- evaluation
- negotiations
- contracts
  Change Management
- communication
- project mangement
- processes
- controlling

- Logistic tender and scenario modelling
- Supply Chain tender and scenario modelling
- Expressive bidding tenders (logistics, materials)