external Logistic Support and Project Managment

End-to-End Supply Chain


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Transparency in all processes from raw material suppliers to end customers, in End-to-End Supply Chain view is the basis to initiate optimizations along the whole Supply Chain.

The core processes and flows which are under control of SCM affect:

>material >information >money

LOG-PMO helps you mapping and visualizing your actual material and information flows

Our Approach

Supply Chain Mapping shows the structure of the actual End-to End Supply Chain. It is the basis to initiate optimisation projects.


Elaborate basics
- goal definition
- segmentation
- product structure
- data sources

  Show structure
- material flows
- nodes
- actual network
- costs
  Identify potential
- Logistic costs
- inventory
- taxes
- processes
  Change Management
- project management
- detailed analysis
- decision making
- controlling t

- SC Mapping with Regiograph Software
- Mapping inbound flows
- Mapping outbound flows
- Mapping internal movements