external Logistic Support and Project Managment



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Logistics is defined as the integrated planning, organization, steering, processing and control of the entire material and product flow including the associated information flows.

LOG-PMO offers

  • Logistic Solutions
  • Logistic Network Analysis and Optimizations
  • Transport, Warehousing, Co-Packing Tenders
  • Logistic Outsourcing Analysis
  • Logistic Delivery Chain Optimizations (Direct Shipments, Transportation Optimization)
  • Transport Management Systems (TMS)

Our Approach

Each company needs to define and implement an individual logistics structure. With the structure and the right logistic partners logistics can be an competitive advantage compared to competitors.

Opreative Supply Chain

Define target state
- SC Processes
- customer requirements
- material requirements
- systems
  Show structure
- processes
- lead times
- costs
- partners
  Change mangement
detailed planning
- process description
- systems
- transformation
  Secure sustainability
- auditing
- controlling
- operating Manual
- continuous improvement

- Logistics network analysis (location stury)
- Drop-trailer concept
- Logistics- and distribution strategy
- Direct-Plant-Shipments