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Operational Supply Chain


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To guarantee full tension of each link in the supply chain, the Operational Supply Chain aims for an ideal interaction of all tasks in the whole value chain.

LOG-PMO supports you in

  • optimizing your operational processes along the whole value chain
    - reduce costs and inventory
    - increase efficiency
  • designing the collaboration with partner

Our Approach

Efficient execution in the operational Supply Chain is necessary to keep costs and inventories in the defined boundaries. This requires an integrated collaboration of all members in the Supply Chain.

optimizing operational processes

Define target state
- business strategy
- SCOR model
- interfaces
- systems

  Show structure
- processes
- lead times
- responsibilities
- gap analysis
  Change management
- organisation
- detailed planning
- process descritpion
- transformation
  Secure sustainability
- auditing
- controlling
- process owners
- cotinious improvement

- Operating manuals
- System-implementations
- Process optimisations (SC mapping)
- Packaging optimisations